Creative Technology.
By Amy Blakeman


Creative technology is any type of technology that can be used in the classroom in a creative and fun way to enhance teaching and learning. The three Creative technology sites I based my presentation around were Kerpoof, Fotoll, and Pikikids. Kerpoof is a program that lets students make their own stories and pictures by inserting their own images or ones provided to them by the site and by inserting written work. As the three programs are quite new there is not alot of information about the history and creation of each, therefore for this wiki i will mainly be focusing on Kerpoof with the inclusion of some brief information on the other two sites.

Kerpoof not only provides the students with a creative project but also includes various lesson plans and advice for teachers who want to include Kerpoof in their teaching.
Pikikids is a program which allows students to create their own comics using pictures, speech bubbles and by selecting different lay outs. The students are also able to comment on their own comics aswell as others that have been saved as public for others to view.
Fotoll is a program that allows students to creative a number of polls in which others can comment on or vote for. As Fotoll is a good program to use there are some aspects a teacher may want to consider when including the program in their lesson.

Key Features


Easy to use
Safe for students (Avatar) Free to use works within a web browser It is copywrited and you are granted free use if you comply with the terms of use and site etiquette policy Teacher can have their own account Students can save, print, edit their own work Provides lessons plans that involve Kerpoof for most learning areas Kerpoof provides technical assistance if needed Easy how to play instructions encourages students through rewards system (coins) Students can see other students workAbility to create personal profileShows students how the site is being updated

Allows students to see top rated comics, latest comics and latest discussions Allows students to search for comics Students can have their own accounts Free to use Easy to use Allows students to select the layout, effects and picture of their comic Allows students to save, edit or print their comic Students are able to select whether they want their comic to be private or public Once saved the comic then shows when it was updated, who by and whether It is public or not Allows students to rate or comment on their own or others comics Allows for reporting of inappropriate images All images are copywrited if used for this website purpose onlyAbility to create personal profile
Allows you to develop polls within class lessons Allows you to search for polls created by others Allows you have your own account Easy to use Free to use Student can save their work and look at the comments and ratings made by others about their work Students are able to comment or rate other peoples polls Ability to add photos to their own pollsAbility to create a personal profile of themselves including name and picture

Education Value

Future Learning


Future Teaching


I hope this information is as useful to you, if you are wanting to include Kerpoof in your lessons, as it was to me.