What is YouTube?
YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.

The History of YouTube
  • YouTube was founded by three past employees of PayPal
  • The domain name was activated on the 15th of February
  • In October 2006 Google purchased YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock
  • It is estimated that in 2007, YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000, and that's around 13 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • As of April 9th, 2008, a YouTube search returns about 83.4 million videos

Teachers Notes
  • Teachers need to be accessing this medium that is so quickly becoming an essential part of our student’s lives
  • We have an opportunity to enhance students learning with this online resource
  • The power of YouTube is only activated when the teacher has a clear idea of how a specific video clip can be used
  • Video has the power to really engage your students
  • YouTube is your ultimate resource for videos!
  • It is a great idea to search for a subject on YouTube while planning a lesson. It may give you an interesting insight or a brilliant introduction.

feel free to check out our powerpoint on YouTube:



What is Teachers.TV?
  • A fantastic website which is very similar to YouTube
  • Every learning area is covered from Mathematics right through to Religious Education
  • It's not just for teachers, there's just about something for everyone in any educational job or context
  • There are over 2000 videos online with information on areas such as behaviour management, personal development as a teacher, videos for assisting in lesson delivery and much, much more!
  • Best of all, for non-commercial use you can distribute any videos to your students as much as you want without fear of infringing copywrite laws

Teachers Notes
  • Teachers.TV can be use in conjunction with any electronic wideboard
  • There are many videos on Teachers.TV which can be used to help students understand new concepts and support new knowledge
  • Remember that education should be taught in an inclusive manner. Teachers.TV can help visual learners retain greater knowledge
  • Be sure to try out the myriads of ways for searching for videos on Teachers.TV
  • Teachers.TV can be used everyday in the classroom with new videos being uploaded daily

Teachers.TV features many intuitive ways of searching for videos on just about everything to do with teaching.

feel free to check out our powerpoint on Teacher T.V:



What is KeepVid?
  • KeepVid is a convenient and free way of downloading videos to your hardrive from YouTube, TeachersTV and many other sites
  • It offers a simple URL link where you can download whatever video you need!
  • You can also imbed KeepVid into your browser so that at a touch of a button you can download and KEEP you VID!

What about editing video?
  • If you're concerned about a video being too long, inappropriate at certain points or simply want to create your own mix of vidoes then look no further than Video Edit Magic Express
  • It's FREE and easy to use and works in conjunction with the previous mentioned websites

What about uploading a video?
  • There is yet another great FREE program which you can use to compress your videos if they're too big!
  • 'Super Converter' is a FREE program you can use to change the video size, quality, bitrate and much more so that it can be easily uploaded onto websites like YouTube or sent home to students through the class wikipedia or email system

CopyWrite Q and A:

A copy of a YouTube video may be able to be shown in class under section 28 of the Australian Copywrite act, provided it is for the purpose of educational instruction
  • Can i download a YouTube video?
    • YES, if the copy is made solely for educational purposes
    • YES, if the YouTube video is not an infringing copy

  • Can i show a YouTube video in class?
    • YES, if the copy is made solely for educational purposes

  • Can i upload a YouTube video file to the School intranet or Content Management System?
    • YES, if the copy is made solely for educational purposes
    • YES, if the YouTube video is not an infringing copy

  • Do i have to destroy copies of the YouTube video files after use?
    • NO

feel free to check out our powerpoint on KeepVid: