Welcome to the Curtin Innovation Class Wiki

Your task (in pairs) is to work through the Curtin Education Innovation WebQuest which has been designed to take you through a problem based inquiry which will ultimately see you develop your expertise with one innovative technology. You will then be asked to share your expertise with your peers through a class demonstration and a class Wiki. The goals are to develop your own expertise and to build a bank of resources that will assist others who wish to adopt the innovation in the future.

Each innovation has a separate page. You may begin this page at any stage but it must be completed two weeks after your presentation. The page must include:

  • Innovation
  • Definition
  • Brief History
  • Key Features
  • Educational Value - Links to Learning Theory, Links to Research.
  • Future Learning - Provide updated digital resources such as tutorials, templates, software downloads which will assist others to independently learn the new technology;
  • Future Teaching - Provide URLs that support others to use the innovation for future teaching in a variety of situations.